Anna Bligh and Leo Zussino.
Anna Bligh and Leo Zussino. Brenda Strong

What has Bligh done for us?

QUEENSLAND Premier Anna Bligh, who celebrated her third anniversary as leader on Monday, does not seem to be popular among Gladstone residents.

While Ms Bligh boasted about her time as premier, the majority of people questioned by The Observer were scratching their heads as to what she had done for the region.

Kevin Kiler said we need more infrastructure and roads, especially before the LNG arrives.

“I think she really needs to visit the whole Gladstone region to see what we really need done,” Rob Hurst said.

Tracy Scott said Ms Bligh and her government should be investing in Queensland's assets rather than selling them off.

“All politicians focus mainly on capital cities, overlooking regional areas and therefore Gladstone misses out on its fair slice of the pie,” Leigh Macleod said.

“I'm getting on with the job of delivering for Queensland – we have a plan and I will see it through,” Ms Bligh said.

“As we emerge from the Global Financial Crisis, I'm optimistic about our future – I have a determined plan and I'm sticking to it.

“Three years on, the achievements of our government speak for themselves but we need to keep on delivering to build our economy and continue to build Queensland as the strongest state in the nation.”

Ms Bligh said the government had a strong record of solid achievements across critical areas such as health, education, the environment and the economy.

However, Independent Member for Gladstone Liz Cunningham disagrees with Ms Bligh's statements, saying while the government boasted about LNG industries, it had yet to outline any infrastructure it will provide for this community.

“The Gladstone Region Social Infrastructure Strategic Plan is stalled in the Minister for Infrastructure's office,” Ms Cunningham said.

“No funding from government has been contributed to common user facilities at the port which has been the process in the past. The government/premier should not be talking up the jobs without putting their hands in their pocket for infrastructure before the pressure commences.”

Ms Cunningham said the most often raised issue was the Gladstone Hospital and she has another meeting with Health Minister Paul Lucas in October.

She said the Education Minister announced a $10 million training package, but she had learnt that no funds, via Skills Queensland, had been allocated for Gladstone.

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