TOP IDEAS: Dave Martin, Lindsay Wilson, Rick Kent and Wayne Davidson have their say on the Bruce Hwy.
TOP IDEAS: Dave Martin, Lindsay Wilson, Rick Kent and Wayne Davidson have their say on the Bruce Hwy.

Highway to heaven paved with quick fixes

WE'RE happy the government is paying some attention to Gladstone by "sprucing the Bruce", but it's not enough.

That's what Gladstone residents have told The Observer.

One of their biggest gripes was that roads were upgraded only to fall into disrepair days afterwards.

"The Department of Transport and Main Roads is not doing a good job when it fixes roads," Calliope resident Jo Hill said.

>> Spruce the Bruce: Check out the projects near you

"It could be the specs that they've given and in that case it's TMR's fault, or it could be that the people doing the work are not good at what they do.

"Work takes months and months to do and a week after it's completed there is potholes in it.

"Something is wrong there. Once they've been done they should be good for years.

"I just came back from the United States and drove 2000 miles down amazingly good roads. They have snow, ice and all kinds of things - none of the potholes that we have here.

"It's scary that we have such bad road builders."

Dave Martin said roadwork contracts shouldn't be given without a guarantee.

He listed a litany of issues with roadworks on the much-maligned highway.

"Roadworkers are using vehicles to roll the road instead of using proper rollers and impact testing isn't being done," he said.

"Local contractors aren't getting the opportunity to work on major works in the Gladstone region."

He also said the speed limit should be raised to 110kmh.

"The low speed limit causes frustration; people start dong stupid things and falling asleep."

Ex-interstate truck driver Rick Kent said he was glad to hear TMR planned on building more rest spots.

"The more rest spots you have, the less black spots there are," he said.

"Everyone is different, some people can drive for hours and others can't."

Tannum Sands resident Wayne Davidson said the ongoing works would mean a great road in the future.

"But right now it's a pain in the bum," he said.

He said the gap between lanes was a good innovation for the highway and should be implemented everywhere.

Mr Davidson, who used to live in Rockhampton, said flood mitigation measures were vitally important.

"If a major city is cut off, it's like cholesterol blocking off an artery," he said.

Mr Davidson said he'd like to see the same quality of highway near Brisbane in the Gladstone region.

Lindsay Wilson said he wanted to see double lanes right along the highway, a dream for many motorists.

Mrs Hills agreed: "I know it's just a pipe dream but there should be a dual carriageway all the way from Melbourne to Cairns."

"With all the traffic moving in one direction it's much safer."

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