Confusion about food becoming a big problem

HEALTHY is as healthy does.

That's the message from two Gladstone nutrition experts following the release of research that says we don't know the difference between a good diet and bad diet.

The Grains and Legumes Nutrition Council backed the Galaxy Research Healthy Diet study which surveyed 1000 Australians and found conflicting information about food was causing tummy aches.

Gladstone GP Super Clinic dietitian Meagan Leane said social media, friends and celebrities were fuelling the confusion.

"Everyone comes in with a preconceived notion of what's healthy and what's not," Ms Leane said.

"And it definitely sparks from the media and social media, and what their friend did to lose weight and what their neighbour touts as a great shake and those sorts of things.

"Celebrity chefs are the problem right now. The problem is nobody's looking at qualifications these days."

Ms Leane said a little common sense went a long way.

"It's really eating a little bit of everything and getting all your food groups," she said.

"You don't need to go to extremes."

CQUniversity nutritionist Dr Susan Williams said diet confusion was an "absolutely massive" problem and education was the key.

She said education must target individuals, parents, kids and workplaces.

"We are getting a whole heap of mixed messages from a range of media sources, whether that be newspaper, magazine, internet, television, the radio - everything is just conflicting," she said.

GLNC managing director Georgie Aley said people were using quick fixes to shed weight.

"People are taking extreme measures as they look for quick fixes and instant gratification," she said.


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