Storm chasers watch system that could bring storms, cyclone

WEATHER watchers are keeping an eye on a system that will potentially bring thunderstorms and rain to North Queensland over the next week.

Oz Cyclone Chasers said the EC model was predicting "enhanced falls" along the coastline.

"Hopefully we aren't putting a big jinx on things … however, there looks like increasing instability will be affecting North QLD from Thursday through to the early part of the weekend," the weather chasers posted on Facebook.

"A trough will move into the region on Thursday and tap into increasing moisture to produce shower and thunderstorm activity."

But the weather chasers said the EC model of significant rainfall was "far from locked in" but said there was certainly increased activity in general out in the Coral Sea. predicts significant falls for parts of North Queensland over the next 10 days, with up to 58mm around Ingham and 20-50mm around Townsville. Around Tully and Innisfail, the 10-day forecast shows rainfall of more than 100mm is possible.

David Taylor, who runs Daves Weather (formerly East Coast Weather), is going one step further and says we could see a cyclone in the next 10 days.

Mr Taylor was the only person to predict the massive weather event that hit Townsville earlier this year, which saw nearly 800mm fall in some parts of Townsville over the last week of February.

"We could see one form in the Coral Sea and maybe another in the Indian Ocean," Mr Taylor posted on his page.

"Early days, but we are watching to see what happens as most models are on-board!"

The Bureau of Meteorology's official forecast for the week ahead in Townsville is a little more conservative than the weather chasers' predictions with showers and temps around 30 degrees expected.

The official forecast on the likelihood of a tropical cyclone forming in the eastern region over the next three days is "very low".

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