‘We need more rain’: Desperate farmers passionate plea

A desperate Central Queensland farmer says recent rain in the region was good, but much more is needed to return the land to an optimum standard.

Malcolm Kelly, 67, spoke to The Observer from The Miriam Vale Hotel on Wednesday and boasted his property’s impressive rain statistics.

“The last three weeks we have had 110 millimetres,” Mr Kelly said.

“In two days we had 90mm and the next day we had another 20mm.”

Mr Kelly said his property, where he had farmed beef cattle his whole life, experienced beautiful “grass rain” but more was needed to make him truly satisfied.

“We badly need good flood rain,” Mr Kelly said.
“We need at least 200mm in one hit, maybe over three or four weeks, and then a storm every second or third week to return to a good standard.”

Mr Kelly said farmers throughout Central Queensland would be crossing their fingers and praying for that level of rain to come in 2021.

“It is an incredible feeling when rain finally does pour on your property for the first time in a while,” he said.

“You don’t have to worry about cattle wanting extra feed or anything, there is a different outlook on life for the cattle and the owners.”

Mr Kelly said, with good rain, his cattle could find enough to graze on in three to four hours than they could in 10 or 12 without rain.

“There is a renewed optimism in 2021 that things will pick up and improve regarding rainfall,” he said.

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