Water and time are the best cures for hangovers

PEOPLE have tried more alcohol, raw eggs and greasy food to cure hangovers, but according to dietician Megan Leane the cure is simple.

The Gladstone Super Clinic dietician said hydration was crucial to recovery.

"Hangovers are really just dehydration, so the best thing for it is just water," she said. "For each standard drink you need 200ml of water."

She said greasy foods were not the best solution."If you think about it, greasy foods are high in those salts that are bad for you," she said.

"I wouldn't be recommending them but I see why people want them."

She said the sports drinks cured the hangover quicker than water.

"If water is not enough, some electrolyte drinks replace the essential salts in the systems," she said.

"Powerade and Gatorade drinks help a lot more."

Megan said there was some truth to milk helping.

"Milk does have a higher concentration of calcium, potassium and sodium and that helps," she said.

"Also, becoming fairly popular is coconut water, which contains a few of those salts as well."

She said the only way to avoid a hangover was to not drink too much.

"No excess consumption of alcohol and stay hydrated," she said. "The alcohol guidelines for women are one standard drink in the first hour and one every two hours from then on, which is quite unrealistic."

Megan said time was the most underrated hangover cure and it was fortunate most people would have New Year's Day off work.

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