Watching Federal Election on TV quite fascinating

TRIED my hand for the first time on Saturday night at surfing - of the television type.

Normally I can't really be bothered too much with the old tele.

Just doesn't seem to be much on there to draw my interest, and I'd rather sit back with my iPad and watch what I want to watch.

But Saturday night was a different story.

I wanted to keep up with what was going on around the country with the election and the only way to do it was to watch all channels, so here I was switching between ABC, 7, WIN and 10 all night; listening to the masses of pundits each channel seemed to have amassed to try to present the best coverage ever.

And, of course, I was updating the AEC website on the iPad to find out what was happening at Flynn and Fairfax and Griffith before the TV stations got around to it - as well as sitting at my laptop and keeping the live chat going on The Observer website.

It was an interesting exercise - but one I probably won't do many times in the future.

It was fascinating seeing the different dynamics on each channel - the almost hilarious coverage dished out by 7 to the incredibly staid and serious ABC.

There were one or two highlights - a long interview with Clive Palmer which seemed to get him pretty rattled and his normally upbeat attitude seemed to be dented a fair bit - but he was still absolutely certain that he'd taken Fairfax.

The other highlight - or non-highlight - was Kevin's speech conceding. It was amazing.

It went on for well over 20 minutes, and it was interrupted by an incredibly upbeat crowd of supporters who you would have thought were actually celebrating a resounding victory.

The most interesting part of his speech was the last few minutes, and that was when he said he would step down from the Labor leadership.

And still his followers screeched and shouted "Kevin Kevin Kevin" and so on.

It would have been interesting to see what they would have been like had the tables been turned and Labor had actually achieved a victory.

First time I've seen a Federal election in Australia up close, and it was a fascinating experience.

Not so the lead-up.

I would have been more interested in watching the grass grow.

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