WATCH: NZ warship berthed in Gladstone's port

GLADSTONE'S port was host to an unusual visitor New Zealand warship over the weekend.

HMNZS Canterbury was berthed at Gladstone's Auckland Point 4 wharf, where it unloaded equipment and defence personnel who were heading to Shoal water Bay near Rockhampton for Talisman Sabre.

The ship left port this morning, heading for Cairns.

This is the first time New Zealand troops have been involved in Talisman Sabre.

The New Zealand Defence Force will have two ships, four aircraft, 45 military vehicles and 620 personnel in either Darwin or Shoal Water Bay during the course of the exercise.


>> Convoy of Army vehicles on highways to Shoalwater Bay

Major General Tim Gall, Commander, Joint Forces New Zealand wrote on the NZDF website that Talisman Sabre was an important exercise for New Zealand troops.

"By sheer breadth of the training alone, Talisman Sabre is a great opportunity for our people," he wrote.

"From July 5 to 21, our people will undertake training in land, air and maritime warfare, including amphibious operations. By operating in a uniquely complex and challenging multinational environment, they will be able to further hone their warfighting capabilities and their ability to respond to a wide variety of contingencies.

"The exercise also provides us an opportunity to train with key partners - Australia and the US - so we can further enhance our ability to operate effectively alongside them. Our people will be working as part of a large force led by the Australian Defence Force and our military assets will be integrated with those of the Australians and the US armed forces."

"From a strategic perspective, we can use key learnings from Talisman Sabre to inform our efforts to develop the Joint Task Force (JTF) which can deploy, operate and sustain combat forces away from New Zealand. The JTF positions the NZDF as an expeditionary force, and exercises such as Talisman Sabre are a fantastic opportunity to prepare us for that."

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