OPINION: No respect! Goondoon has issues

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UP THE City Centre today. No wonder people don't use it. After taking care of what we had to do I sat on the seat outside the NAB. This is the only seat in the shade in that area by the way. Well I was next to three 15-minute parks for approx 45 minutes. In this time, one car came in when I sat down and was still there when I left. No one came to check these parks so what is the use of having them?

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Photo Mike Richards / The Observer
Photo Mike Richards / The Observer Mike Richards GLA100314ASSU

A woman in a white Honda came in and parked in the council park and was there for some 25 minutes. She walked up and got a paper then went into the NAB. Pensioners are relegated to half way down the hill behind NAB.

Wonder what would happen if we started parking in the council park due to lack of disabled parking? Anyway half the time the invalid parks are taken by people who are inconsiderate.

Herb Linwood

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