WATCH: Gladstone beauty business' 'risky' Goondoon St move

A YOUNG couple have today taken a punt on Goondoon St giving their beauty therapy business a face lift.

Effie Robb, who owns the store with her husband Matt, said it was a matter of keeping their business, Be Pampered, afloat, as they said the landlord of their previous store had recently proposed a rent increase.

It's despite what Mrs Robb said is a significant decrease in shoppers visiting the complex, "especially now that Dick Smith's gone".

"Basically, because of the downturn, it was either we shut shop or we find another location where we can keep the business going," Mrs Robb said.

"That's basically what is came down to -- do we close down or do we keep going."

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Effie Robb is betting on a move to the main street.
Effie Robb is betting on a move to the main street.

Mrs Robb also said forking out extra capital to move -- including to fit the new store which is used for massages, beauty therapy, and a Gold Coast fly-in doctor specialising in cosmetic injectable -- was "a risk", especially considering they'd moved out of the previous premises. 

"That's why the whole move was a risk, because you're outlaying and you're wondering, 'is this going to be worth it'."

"It was waiting for people to do the work, first to quote it, then to do it.

"We got held up quite a few times. That's made the whole process hard for us as a business.

"It's worked out to be more than we initially thought."

But the business has so far received an outpouring of positive feedback from customers, which Mrs Robb said is because of a range of changes from "better parking" to "something new, something different".

After being in the same store for 20 years, they are hoping potential clients are switched on to the move.

She said while rent was a major reason behind the move, foot traffic and the "exposure" to potential clients that comes with it, is also a benefit.

"I'm hoping [it will work out]," she said."I mean the fact it's going to be cheaper rent is going to benefit the business.

"And being on the main road  means we will be busier."



The couple are still setting up, with hopes new signs will make the community aware of Be Pampered's new location.

She said after a six-month search for a new staff member, she's even begun advertising in New Zealand, as she and her husband are "working long hours to cover everybody".

"It's been tough. We are still hoping to find someone because at the moment we are not as busy as we'd like to be, being down a staff member."

She said the competition is already there in Gladstone, with a heap of home beauty therapists, but she hoped an extra staff member would give her a greater market share.

She said while "it's been tough" in business, today's move into the Goondoon St store had brought an end to uncertainty and now "it'd be nice to get support from our community".

"Hopefully they will see that we are hear and we'll have a bit more exposure."

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