CCTV footage of a Bundaberg boy stealing the wallet of a man in a wheelchair.
CCTV footage of a Bundaberg boy stealing the wallet of a man in a wheelchair.

WATCH: Disabled victim of wallet theft speaks out

UPDATE: "HE'S a professional thief already and he's not old enough to be a professional anything."

At 56 years old and confined to a wheelchair as a result of contracting meningococcal after surgery, Clinton 'Captain Clint' Croft is dismayed a young boy was able to take advantage of his generous nature.

On Tuesday Mr Croft's CCTV camera captured a young boy perfectly execute a plan to lure him outside and steal his wallet, which contained a significant amount of cash.

"I'm no slouch, I'm disabled but I'm not mentally disabled and for him to put it over me he's not a first timer, he knows what he's doing," he said.

"He had a story about coming down from Rocky two weeks ago - he just had it down pat."

Sharing the footage in the hope of warning others, especially the elderly, Mr Croft said the boy asked for a drink of water and lured him outside to the tap before pulling his wallet on to the ground.

Mr Croft said worse than the theft was the how the loss of his wallet affected his trust in others.

Before retracing his steps and watching the CCTV footage to see how the incident unfolded, Mr Croft said he was starting to question innocent people around him.

"I've got personal support workers who come around and help me in the morning and all of a sudden you start questioning whether it was them," he said.

"It couldn't have fallen out where it come out of so what starts going through your head isn't nice - you start questioning your friends."

Mr Croft installed CCTV cameras after items were stolen from his veranda a few years back. His insurance refused to pay out because the area was unlocked so he installed a locked gate and went the extra step of installing cameras.

Mr Croft said society seemed to have it all wrong, where criminals got all the benefits and victims were left out of pocket.

"Why should I be a prisoner just because there's these louts out there and I've got to put gates up and put locks on and everything. Why isn't it they get punished and we're able to leave our houses open?" he said.

But Mr Croft said he had no malice against the boy, he'd even like to see him repay his debt by helping him out.

"Why can't he do community service to the victim? I could use a hand around here with plenty of stuff," he said

"I'd just like to see the punishment fit the crime a little bit."

WATCH the shocking footage as a young boy sets up a cunning plan to steal from a vulnerable Bundaberg man in a motorised wheelchair, luring the victim outside his own home before stealing his wallet.

Step 1: First the boy tightens the tap at the side of the victim's house before going around to the front of the asking for a drink of water.

Step 2: When the victim tells the boy to drink from the outside tap, he goes to the side of the house again and tightens the tap even more, before telling the victim the tap won't turn on.

Step 3: As the victim checks the tap and struggles to turn it on, the boy pulls the victims wallet out from the wheelchair and drops it on to the ground.

Step 4: He steps on the wallet so the victim won't see it on the ground.

Step 5: Then he's stuck; he can't move or risks the victims seeing his wallet on the ground.

Step 6: He pretends the hose won't work as the victims tells him to connect it to the tap; finally he tells the victim he's had a drink and then walks with the victim towards the front of the house.

Step 7: The boy leaves the property and waits until the victim has gone inside his house before returning to the side of the house, picking up the wallet and slipping it into the top of his shorts.

A 13-year-old boy has appeared in the Bundaberg Magistrates Court accused of the offence. A bail application was refused.

The court heard the boy was on bail for stealing offences and was on a 24 hour curfew when he allegedly committed this offence.

Magistrates Aaron Simpson ruled the boy was an unacceptable risk of re-offending and refused bail.

The boy was remanded to a youth detention centre with the matter adjourned for two weeks.

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