START OF TRADITION: Gladstone's Aaron Nagas was proud to play for his old coach.
START OF TRADITION: Gladstone's Aaron Nagas was proud to play for his old coach. Mike Richards GLA151218BBAL

WATCH: Awesome show of unity between Gladstone and Cap Coast

BASKETBALL: A Brayden Smith 'off the glass' basket wrote the perfect script in the inaugural Blair Smith Memorial Basketball Charity Event at Kev Broome Stadium.

The 12-year-old's buzzer beater gave Gladstone a 70-69 win against Cap Coast as former NBL and QBL players showed that they have still got it.

"It was thrilling and I scored two baskets at 60 per cent and did well for the first game," Brayden said.

The young gun grabbed a rebound off a missed Dylan Owen free throw and everything hinged on the shot after former Brisbane Bullets championship player Brad Williamson nailed a triple to level scores.

"If you don't make this, you're going to look like a fool," Brayden said of his match-winner.

He said he is keen to start a tradition and play in the memorial match for years to come in honour of his father who died last year.

The game produced glorious triples from former Gladstone Port City Power star Dale Iwanicki and Williamson.

Cap Coast's Tony Campbell landed four of his first five shots from beyond the three-point arc while Gladstone's Aaron Nagas' 'Euro-steps' were a treat.

"It was a really tough game," Nagas said.

"There wasn't much we could do and we played great defence and man they were on fire."

Nagas, who played at the Power from 2004-2010, said the team was proud that Brayden suited up and score the winner.

"That was a special moment for the team and when somebody suggested to make this event, it wasn't really hard to make it happen," he said.

"There are so many people who are passionate about honouring Blair's contribution to the game and the Smith's family contribution to the game."

Williamson agreed.

"It was great to get asked to come down and playing with Blair with Spartans back in the day and I have been playing against him for years," he said.

"He was such a top bloke."

Smith's wife Rebecca it was great receive support from the men and Brayden who took to the court.

All gold coin proceeds went to the Smith family and mental health awareness program RUOK?


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