Adam Goodes
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Adam Goodes' $20,000 pretend spear taken off eBay

THE most sought-after items, the most valuable, are often those rarely seen. A tiny artefact from an ancient tomb or a mundane object transformed after it was used by someone beloved or detested.

With that in mind, what could be rarer than the make-believe spear thrown by Sydney Swans' Adam Goodes on May 29 as he played against Carlton during the AFL's "Indigenous Round".

Doubts have now emerged about the legitimacy of the spear, amid claims Goodes threw a different weapon.

At last check, one lucky eBay buyer was preparing to shell out more than $20,000 for the spear, which has forced AFL fans and Australians more generally to consider what racism looks like in 2015.

Unfortunately, apparently not even eBay could handle the importance of the icon -- as of Thursday morning there was no sign of the auction even though the hammer was not due to fall until August 11.


According to the seller's description, the spear "is in great condition and perfect working order".

"It would make a worthy addition to anyone's trophy room, man cave or even if you want to take it out on a hunting trip and catch some imaginary kangaroos or emus."

The seller warns they want "serious bids only".

"...This sacred spear is very powerful and is capable of inciting racism towards the user, excessive booing and polarising national opinion."

It comes with a certificate of authenticity and user instructions from "race relations and cultural expert Eddie Maguire".

These are also imaginary.

It is unclear why eBay stepped in to cancel the sale, but it could have to do with questions over the legitimacy of the item.

The choreographer behind the Goodes war-cry performed during the Indigenous Round has said the Australian of the Year did not throw a spear, but an imaginary boomerang.

"The movie is around brandishing a boomerang, it is one with the long part and a very short part like a number seven," choreographer Mark Yettica-Paulson told NITV.


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