Fined for trying to flee police

A WOMAN who tried to escape police custody by reaching over to unlock the front door of a police vehicle was fined $850 on Thursday.

Robyn Lillian Leeson pleaded guilty to one charge of wilful damage and one of public nuisance in the Gladstone Magistrates Court.

Police told the court Mt Larcom police received calls from members of the public about yelling and screeching of tyres at 11pm on August 20.

“They were flagged down by a person with a torch and told a person was hiding in the grass,” Police prosecutor Acting Senior Constable Troy Daubaras said.

He said police found Ms Leeson, who was intoxicated and abusive. Police were told she had earlier won money on Keno and argued with her de facto.

They were told she was last seen by the publican running out on to the Bruce Highway, into traffic.

Mr Daubaras told the court after Ms Leeson was apprehended by police, she was left in the rear of the police vehicle while police went looking for her purse and de facto.

He said the defendant managed to reach around to unlock the front door of the vehicle, and also managed to pull wires out of the speaker of the police radio.

Mr Daubaras said police then handcuffed Ms Leeson to prevent her causing any further damage.

Defence solicitor Brad Krebs said Ms Leeson was assaulted by her de facto after they left the establishment and the screeching of the tyres occurred when he dumped her on the side of the road.

“It’s an unfortunate matter that my client started off as the victim and ended up the defendant,” he said.

“When police arrived, she was suffering from an anxiety attack.”

Mr Krebs said she tried to escape the police vehicle because she felt claustrophobic, brought on by the anxiety attack.

He said she had a recorded medical history of being treated for anxiety.

Magistrate Damian Carroll said Ms Leeson had been charged with similar offences in Mackay in April, 2009.

Ms Leeson was fined $850 and the cost to fix the items in the police car of $93.25.

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