Volunteering benefits everybody so sign up for something

We Want YOU!

Recently I was reminded that Community Service is not just for criminals anymore, and that anyone can, and should, do some sort of volunteering. I would, but I'm far too busy; apparently.

Now, politicians are very fond of telling us that "if you pay peanuts you get monkeys", which is why they insist on hefty pay increases and bonuses to run (or possibly, ruin) our country.

But it is unpaid volunteers who keep our communities glued together.

You know, perhaps we could turn the position of politician into a strictly volunteer role, which might actually sort the "doers" from the "users".

Not to mention the savings!

Anyway, a quick look through the phone book (yes kids, that's how old I am. I checked in an actual book first before looking online) revealed that there were 14 pages of worthwhile groups all looking for a helping hand, and I'm certain some will even give you free cups of tea out of sheer gratitude for just turning up.

Plus, not only will volunteering make your resume stretch a little bit further than a single page of dubious skills and interests, but statistical evidence proves that volunteers live longer, have happier lives, lower divorce rates, are much more interesting, honest, forgiving, patient, energetic, and tend not to complain very much.

When I happened to mention my findings to Long Suffering Wife, she demanded that I sign up for something - anything. Immediately!

So if you have some spare time on your hands, then find a local group needing your invaluable assistance, skills and enthusiasm, and have a go.

Please mention my name when you get there, as that will sort of count towards my contribution to our wonderful city.

Well, I like to help wherever I can.

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