Punters are welcome to party at Gladstone’s Reef Hotel until 3am.
Punters are welcome to party at Gladstone’s Reef Hotel until 3am. Mike Richards GLANITE

Gladstone nightclub applies to stay open until 5am

GLADSTONE nightclub owners aren't fazed by a Labor government push to close nightclubs earlier, with MIePLACE even looking to extend its licence to 5am.

Labor will push ahead with its plan to tackle alcohol-fuelled violence, first mooted in January last year, which will see a 1am lockout introduced into pubs and clubs, no shots after midnight and a 3am closing time.

Repeat offenders will find themselves banned from entertainment precincts across the state.

MIePLACE owner Aodhan McCann said his club already paid for a 3-5am late trade, even though it shuts at 4am on Friday and Saturdays.

"The moratorium, which has now been lifted, meant we couldn't apply for a 5am licence," he said.

"Now we can. My application is in and it's down to a decision now.

"It will be 18 months away until they (government) enforce it (new laws) anyway."

Mr McCann said the proposed rule would lead to further problems.

"People won't be finished drinking at 3am," he said.

"We have a lot of trade between 3 and 4am.

"People will have private parties at their own house and that will cause drama and stretch police. At least in a licensed premises we can look after them and we have licensed security."

Mr McCann also believed alcohol wasn't the only factor involved in causing problems for emergency services in particular.

"At the end of the day, drugs are more of a problem. Methamphetamines are more of a problem in this community," he said.

"A drunk person can't throw a straight punch but people on drugs can throw a sharp punch because their bodily functions are firing on all cyclinders."

Central Lane Hotel owner Rick Adams has a 3am close for his club.

He said a select few patrons ruined the fun for everyone else.

"(Closing a club earlier) will never solve the problem," he said.

"It comes down to an attitude of a minority and they muck things up."

Mr Adams said he did not totally agree with the new regulations.

"They are using Newcastle and Sydney as an example of where they have done it and it hasn't worked there," he said.

"You have to have a look in Gladstone now.

"We don't really have the problems we used to have two or three years ago. We don't have the same population, either."

The Reef nightclub closes at 3am.

The Reef Hotel's venue manager did not wish to comment.

Sergeant Caroline Hogan of the Gladstone Police said the police supported any measures to try and prevent alcohol-fuelled violence and other related issues.

"Alcohol related issues don't just have an impact on policing resources, they impact other emergency services and have a roll-on effect to other community services," she said.

"Our QPS vision is working with the community in Queensland to stop crime and make Queensland safer," Sgt Hogan said.

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