TERRIFYING video footage has emerged of the moment a rogue wave swept away a retired French couple in wild seas.

As storms continued to batter France's coastline, three people have learned a new respect for the ocean after the incident at France's Porsguen beach in Portsall on Monday.

A retired couple is walking down to the beach and a younger man coming the other way when the wave strikes, knocking the older man over. 

His wife tries to grab him and misses, chasing him back towards the ocean. 

The man is finally able to stop himself, mostly because another smaller wave hits him, and his wife manages to latch onto his jacket.

Then the second rogue wave hits. 

The pair are tossed sideways and briefly go underwater, then are washed further towards the sea.

Fortunately, the ocean recedes and the couple find themselves on sand, but they're clearly unable to stand. 

The younger man seems to call out to the couple in distress. When they don't move, he runs to them and attempts to pull them to their feet. 

When that doesn't work, he resorts to dragging them as they crawl up the beach, and none of them see the next wave bearing down.

As all three are swept towards the rock wall, the person holding the camera finally stops filming to offer his or her own help.

The French description on the video suggests the person filming was elderly.

French news services report that all three were taken to hospital, but survived the ordeal.

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