A SYDNEY comedian has released an apocalyptic take on the future of Gladstone to highlight his view on the effect of industry on the Great Barrier Reef.

Video producer and comedian Dan Ilic has never been to Gladstone but decided to make the YouTube video, a spoof of the travel program Getaway.

The video takes a satirical look at the town for tourists in 2016, suggesting that industry would destroy the environment.

Gladstone's mayor doesn't think much of the video, saying there was a vast difference between what was portrayed and the real atmosphere of the town, while community members have seen everything from the funny side to how it looks at some of the real issues faced in an industrial town.

Comedian Dan Ilic said he had never lived or worked in Gladstone, in fact he had never even been to Gladstone.

"None of us are local…we filmed in Botany Bay in Sydney," he said.

"Talking about the reef is a pet project of ours because no one is talking about the world's largest living organism."

Gladstone local Susan Nagy said if the videomakers wanted to bring attention to the treatment of the environment in the region they had gone about it the wrong way.

"The Gladstone locals have a lot of pride in the harbour," she said. "Maybe some people who come here to work don't share our pride but my husband and son go fishing out on the reef and appreciate the beauty on offer."

Kerryjoy from New Auckland commented on The Observer website that the video was "tripe".

"I came here 41 years ago in the first boom, and I still love its uniqueness and beauty and weather," she said. "There's room for improvement but there's still a lot to be thankful for."

Gladstone region Mayor Gail Sellers said she had seen the video on Facebook and didn't like it.

"If you take that and compare it to the friendliness of the people there is a vast difference," she said. "Everyone is entitled to their opinion and have the right to express it but I don't agree with their opinion. I believe it was made by someone who doesn't live in Gladstone."

Another resident Rebecca Slater said she found the video funny and people shouldn't be offended because it was "obviously satirical".

"It is a light-hearted dig at some real issues we face being such an industrial town," she said. "I don't know how people could take it as the gospel when it is so ridiculous."

Adam Balkin said on The Observer's Facebook page that the video was not going to help local tourism.

"Just what the Gladstone tourism industry needed… another flogging," he commented.

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