WATCH: Crowd gathers to watch Rocky's CBD croc

UPDATE 4PM: ROCKHAMPTON man Steve Hughes will think twice before putting crab pots in the Fitzroy, after watching a croc close to 2m in length sun itself on the riverbank near the city's CBD.   

Steve was walking by himself along the river, something he does regularly, when he saw the crocodile and stopped to film it.   

  Children and their parents can be heard in the background of the video, amazed by seeing a crocodile in the wild.   

Steve said the crocodile swam away after a small crowd of children and adults gathered to watch it.   

Although he's seen the animals further up the river, around Nerimbera and Gavial Creek, Steve said he was surprised to see one so close to the city centre.   

"I've lived here since 1975 and he's not the biggest, but he's up there," Steve said.   

"He was fairly big. He was probably at least my size and I'm about 173cm and 86kg and he would have tipped my weight for sure."  

The Berserker man said he called the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection to report the sighting immediately, but was concerned about how many children fish in the area.   

"You often see kids as young as 10 or 11 fishing off the rocks there,"he said.   

"Some of them get quite keen on low tide and venture right out"  

In the mean time, Steve said he will be finding a new spot to put out his crab pots. 

INITIAL: A VIDEO uploaded to Facebook this week has presented another reminder of the dangerous animals lurking in Central Queensland waterways.

Children can be heard gasping at the size of the crocodile in the video, which was uploaded to the CQ Croc Watch group by Steven Mark Hughes.

The video, which was filmed on Tuesday at 5pm, shows the animal sliding off the bank of the Fitzroy River near the Neville Hewitt Bridge and swimming away.

One person commented they had been fishing close to that area in the past, with children playing in the water.

The video comes after multiple crocodile sightings near the Fitzroy River recently.

Department of Environment and Heritage Protection wildlife officers scoured the Capricorn Country Club in December for a 2m crocodile sighting lurking in Splitters Creek.

Officers then set up a trap in the creek near the Larcombe St bridge, which runs over the creek, in a bid to catch and relocate the "crocodile of concern".

The department are actively monitoring an area of the Fitzroy River after multiple reported crocodile sightings within 10 days.

Warning signs have been set up at access points to the river, including along Larcombe St and at Ski Park, Wandal.

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