UPDATE: Experts explain why the two fins are from a ray


SHARK experts say the video of two fins surfacing near the shore at Tannum Sands second beach was not a shark, it was a sting ray.

James Cook University marine ecologist Dr Colin Simpfendorfer watched the video and commented that he was sure it was a ray.

He said it could have been a manta, devil or eagle ray.

The Co-Chair of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature Species Survival Commission's (IUCN SSC) Shark Specialist Group said sharks are an essential animal for the marine ecosystems.

"The chances of running into problems with a shark are very slim.

"They are a very important part of the marine

life and they are there all the time.

"Obviously there are lots of things with fins and they are not all dangerous ... so if swimmers do see a fin in the water they should be cautious and proceed carefully out of the water," Mr Simpfendorfer said.

Mr Simpfendorfer said ray and shark fins were commonly confused.

"You can see the fins come up at the same time which is very typical of a ray," he said.



VIDEO has surfaced of two sharks "flipping a

nd rolling" in the water this morning at Tannum Sands second beach. 

It's just a day after two sharks were reported by a couple of swimmers at the same beach.

Tannum Sands resident of 25 years, Tracey Welburn, spotted the sharks while walking on the beach at 5.45am.

She said they looked between 4-5 feet long.

"I've said the last couple of times we've walked down there that the beach is just so calm, you can almost hear the jaws music in the background," she said.

"We saw the two dark figures swimming close to shore, then about eight feet away they started flipping," she said.


Mrs Welburn "raced" up the beach to warn two swimmers who were in the water with their dog.

They were swimming towards where the sharks were seen.

Another beach-goer suggested it could have been a stingray, but Mrs Welburn said she was sure it wasn't.

"You could see the two of them come up and roll around in the water, there was no way it was a sting ray."

Mrs Welburn said she will be swimming between the flags at Tannum Sands.

"Me and my partner went about two weeks ago to that exact same beach.

"He likes to go swimming where the flags are but there was a big Nippers carnival there so we decided to go down to Second Beach."

"There's no way something like this would scare me from going swimming again though."

One beach-goer was sceptical after yesterday's sighting, suggesting it could have been a dolphin.

Second Beach is between Canoe Point and the Tannum Sands main beach. 

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