Venues must take more responsibility for night life issues

AS A YOUNG woman who hits the Gladstone nightclub scene from time to time, I reckon Operation Parasol is doing the trick.

The police presence in the CBD seems to pull drunken partygoers into line a little more and make people more aware of their actions.

Also, I can't thank the chaplains enough for handing out bottles of water.

But every week in court I still see an absurd amount of public nuisance charges due to drunkenness.

It's in my opinion that the onus should fall on the clubs and pubs that dish out the grog in the first place. I worked at a pub in Sydney for three years, and I have to tell you I would never have let my patrons get as intoxicated as they do here. Don't get me wrong. I don't mean to put Queensland down in anyway; I love it here.

I just think a possible solution to the problem could be stricter laws around the consumption of alcohol in licensed venues.

If we do what we can to stop people getting to that level of intoxication, at least that's a headstart.

Man's $650 speeding fine appeal rejected by Qld court

premium_icon Man's $650 speeding fine appeal rejected by Qld court

He was convicted in Gladstone Magistrates Court in May, 2018.