Vandals go on rampage

A SPATE of senseless vandalism in Gladstone overnight Wednesday has left a number of cars with major damage.

Eight cars were damaged, as well as two fences, in the overnight vandalism spree.

A car in Creekwood Close, New Auckland had its driver-side window smashed by what appeared to be a rock or brick about 3.45am Thursday.

A car in Emmadale Drive had the driver-side rear window, the rear windscreen and both passenger side windows badly damaged, also by a rock or brick, between 3.30 and 4.30am Thursday.

A blue car in Boyne Crescent was vandalised by someone who sprayed it with white paint.

In Shaw Street, New Auckland, a car’s rear windscreen was smashed, along with two quarter-glass windows, and it received a dent to the driver-side door.

A car in Lois Street had its front windows smashed and it had panel damage to the driver-side door. The damage had also been done with a rock or brick.

The windscreen of a vehicle in Steed Street was smashed as well as its passenger-side rear window. A rear door was also damaged.

A rock was used to smash the rear windscreen on a car in Hibiscus Avenue and a driver-side window was smashed on another vehicle parked in Holland Street.

A fence in Philip Street received major damage when 20 or more palings were pushed out – also on Wednesday night.

Meanwhile, a fence and a retaining wall in Dolphin Terrace were vandalised by spraypainting them with red and orange paint.

Investigations are continuing. Anyone with information can contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or Gladstone police.

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