Valley and Night Owl worst places to park in Gladstone

THE Valley and the Night Owl centre rank as the worst places in Gladstone for car parking, according to local motorists.

The Observer asked readers on Facebook where the worst place to park in Gladstone was, and the post attracted 77 comments from readers.

There was little disagreement over the Valley and Night Owl centre, with commenters overwhelmingly mentioning the two.

Observer Facebook likers also rated Goondoon St and Dan Murphy's as among the most dreaded parking locations in Gladstone.

Other areas identified included Kin Kora shopping centre, and Chemist Warehouse in the CBD.

Where's the worst place to park in Gladstone?

This poll ended on 13 June 2014.

Current Results

The Valley shopping centre


Goondoon St


Night Owl centre


Dan Murphy's




This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

Ange Louise Braap said the Night Owl centre was a nightmare.

"I always make my partner drive if we need to go there for any reason," she said.

Zoe Corvan said the CBD was a bad place to park.

"Nowhere to park and badly designed so that it can be accessed and used as it should. Sad to see a CBD so empty."

Nicole Jeikkinen said getting in and out of the Dan Murphy's car park was difficult, while Venessa Spangen commented that the new Kirkwood Rd complex was causing difficulties.

"Now McDonald's has added to the chaos. One way in and one way out equals madness," she said.

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