Going all MacGyver on the office door leads to a big bill

EVERY day we see funny things to make us smile and laugh. That's what helps the days go by, as Daryl Braithwaite used to sing.

You know, things like people tripping over their own feet, people falling over doing their shopping, small people driving big cars and of course NSW Origin supporters.

On Friday we had an instance at work where we all had to chuckle, but it was about our new boss so I don't know if it's allowed.

Our new general manager Sally was heading home after a hectic 14-hour day of meetings, phone calls and Twitter conversations when she locked her keys in the office.

Yes, we've all been there haven't we? Locking keys in either the car, the house, someone else's house or even, as Sally did, the office.

What went on for the next half hour was not only funny, it was a test of human strength.

When it happened you could hear the cries of helplessness as she realised the keys were still on the desk in full view, but the glass window and a door were stopping her from grabbing them.

There were a few ways this could be resolved. Call a locksmith (high call out costs) or smash the glass (which our previous manager did) and pay a hefty bill for a glazier to repair, or pick the lock with a hairclip.

What we ended up doing was to pretend to be on the set of MacGyver. We searched the office for anything to use to pick the lock.

We found bits of old wire, those plastic strips found around bundles of magazines, an old coat hanger, spray lubricant, an old credit card, and some wax paper used in the oven muffin-making business.

With all this we went about making a device to unlock the door. After about half an hour and many swear words we gave up in defeat.

It was then I kicked the door in and got said keys.

The moral of the story is this so listen up:

1. Don't lock your keys in the office.

2. Don't think you are on a TV show which can make bombs out of paper planes.

3. Don't laugh at your boss.

4. Don't kick the door in because you will be up for a $400 bill for the door, $170 for a locksmith and $100 for glazing.

It's up to you but I would always walk away and get someone else to do it.

By the way, has anyone seen my Barina keys? Can't find them.

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