Emilia Dauway is a general surgeon who will move from the United States to work in Gladstone.
Emilia Dauway is a general surgeon who will move from the United States to work in Gladstone.

US surgeon to join teams at Gladstone hospitals

EMILIA Dauway has told her two dogs they won't see the USA again.

Originally from Queensland, the pair, named Langston and Taj, were imported into Hawaii and eventually into the US continent, and now they are on their way back to Queensland.

Dr Dauway is a surgeon who has just arrived in Gladstone to work in the Mater and Gladstone hospitals on a 50-50 shared basis.

A general surgeon, Dr Dauway specialises in surgical oncology and she has a special interest in breast cancer.

Originally from Los Angeles, California, she worked most recently in Austin, in Texas.

She has practised as a surgeon for the past 16 years in various parts of the world and comes to Gladstone after being encouraged here by good friend and former medical college classmate, Dr Rob Schreiber, general surgeon at the Mater Hospital.

As well as her normal job, Dr Dauway spends a few weeks each year working with missions in a variety of countries, such as Peru, Nicaragua and Cameroon.

"I am interested in surgical missions and try to do one or two each year," she said.

She said the mission experiences were a mixture of teaching and learning.

"I find each time I go on a mission I learn something, and at the same time I am able to teach the people new skills," she said.

When she's not at work, Dr Dauway is a keen scuba diver, open water swimmer and cyclist.

Her sister Toni is in the process of moving to Gladstone and she will arrive in the next few weeks.

Health partnership pays off again

Dr Dauway's appointment to a share position between the two hospitals is the second such appointment - the first was pediatrician Sara Bluefeather who arrived in November.

The collaboration between the two hospitals has come about through the initiatives created by the Gladstone Health Partnership, which was set up just over two years ago to develop ways to provide better health care in Gladstone.

And the system is working, according to leaders of both organisations.

Gladstone Hospital executive director Dr Nikki Murdock said Dr Dauway's arrival would not have been possible were it not for the partnership between the two organisations.

"We could not justify a full-time position in the base hospital, but we can certainly provide the work for a half-time surgeon," she said.

"And it means that we now have four surgeons in Gladstone, and we can offer vastly improved after-hours cover."

Likewise, Mater Gladstone, Rockhampton and Yeppoon executive officer Annette Czerkesow said the Mater could not justify the full-time position.

Under the same system the two hospitals are expecting another pediatrician in the next few weeks, as well as a specialist anesthetist and physician.

Mater Hospital Gladstone facility manager Deb Wright said it was the goal to keep the collaboration plan alive, as it was the ideal solution.

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