'Unruly': Gladstone's crackdown on aggressive, pooing dogs

COMPLAINTS of "unruly" dogs on the region's beaches has inspired an overhaul of some of the region's animal management laws.  

Beachgoers are getting irked about treading in dog poo, aggressive unleashed dogs, and dogs nosing around in turtle nests, according to Deputy Mayor Chris Trevor.

"It's just getting a little bit unruly on our beaches," he said. "There is a minority of people who just don't care that always cause problems for everybody.

"The majority of people do the right thing, but then there's always that minority that muck it up for everyone."

Cr Trevor said a minority of dog owners who are failing to pick up their dog's poo are exposing themselves or council to "public liability" if a beachgoer gets sick.

"We had problems with excrements being left on beaches," he said. "So we needed (to protect ourselves) from public liability not only in relation to attacks, but also in relation to health issues."

Cr Trevor stressed that "we are a dog friendly council" but he said council need to weigh up the needs of beachgoers.

 "We are trying to strike a happy balance," he said. "People want to enjoy their day on the beach without stepping in dog poo."

Council sought and received feedback from the public, regarding the proposed changes, in November - December last year.

Please note: This article has had minor changes since it was published on Friday.

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