Workshop explores holistic approach to hormones

Stacey Curcio.
Stacey Curcio.

HORMONES and women - some would say it's a bad mix.

A workshop in Gladstone on Saturday aims to turn that around.

Food cravings, mood swings, hot flushes, fatigue, fluid retention and weight gain are all signs something's up with a woman's hormones, Gladstone naturopath Stacey Curcio says.

"It's a major issue for some women but with the right advice something that can be corrected with a holistic approach to living and eating," she said.

"Hormones are responsible for more than just the occasional binge."

Ms Curcio said hormones controlled nearly every aspect of a woman's well-being, including "from when you get stressed or hungry to where you're most likely to store flab".

"I feel it's important for women to understand and be attuned to the workings of their remarkable body," Ms Curcio said.

"In my practice, I see many women who are struggling with hormonal imbalances; ranging from irritability and fluid retention to weight gain and sugar cravings.

"As many metabolic disease have hormonal origins, having healthy and balanced hormones is fundamental to health and longevity."

The Women and Hormones workshop will be held at Body & Soul Wellness in Gladstone.

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