‘Terrible circumstances’: Workers suffer in CQ mine collapse

SAD AFFAIR:Glenn Power.
SAD AFFAIR:Glenn Power. Chris Ison ROK260617cmine2

"A SAD state of affairs" is how a union representative explained the wrath on blue collar workers after the collapse of Caledon Coal.

Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union representative Glenn Power has fronted rallies and protests and stood for workers at meetings as the fate of the company hangs in the brink.

The district vice-president of the mining and energy division said he was running out of words to explain to his Cook Colliery members what was happening.

"We have received very, very little out of the process so far," he said.

"While the senior management within the organisation are going to receive 100 cents in the dollar, the worker in the coal face, the blue collared battler, is only going to get 52 cents.

"Our members are just trying to digest how that can occur."

Mr Power, who has been involved in the issues at Cook Colliery since the March flooding event, said it highlighted problems with the nation's industry and corporate laws.

"It's really a sad state of affairs," he said.

"For the company to come in and do this, and walk away and wipe their hands clean ... It's a terrible set of circumstances that we have to work through."

The CFMEU had about 60% membership at the Cook Colliery mine, according to Mr Power.

He said the majority of the workers lived in central Queensland.

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