Video: Ukulele fans get plucky as group grows

CHERYL Hopkins always wanted to play a musical instrument and when she picked up her first ukulele, she realised she could.

After selling her business, she knew she would have more time to take up hobbies.

"I always wanted to play a musical instrument," Cheryl said.

"I tried the guitar but I was hopeless, then I had bass lessons and I enjoyed playing that but I wanted more."

After attending a ukulele group at Gympie, she was hooked.

Now she and her husband Rob Hopkins run the Gladstone Ukulele Group, a place for beginners and those more experienced in plucking the four-string.

HOOKED: Cheryl and Rob Hopkins with the Gladstone Ukulele Group members.
HOOKED: Cheryl and Rob Hopkins with the Gladstone Ukulele Group members. Tegan Annett

"Everything about it is just fun," Cheryl said.

"You get in a group like we've got today and usually, with a beginner, we teach them two or three chords and they can play a song at the end of the session."

A classic beginner's song for the group is the classic Billy Ray Cyrus country anthem Achy Breaky Heart.

"It's so simple to learn because, with the guitar, your fingers are stretched across the frets using all fingers.

"This one you have one- and two-finger chords."

Cheryl and Rob teach the group comers the basics of playing the small instrument.

Rob plays rhythm on the guitar while everyone tries their hand at it to help keep the beat.

The group meets every Wednesday at the QRI Hall on Oaka St.

If she can get the numbers, Cheryl hopes they can hold a ukulele group meeting on a Wednesday night.

For more information, phone Cheryl on 0415 129 032.

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