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Gladstone Court House. Matt Taylor

Two weeks' jail for 'Good Samaritan' who punched man in head

"I UNDERSTAND it must feel like you've been slapped."

That's what magistrate Dennis Kinsella told Dooley Lee Gordon at Gladstone Magistrates Court on Friday, after informing him he would spend the next two weeks in prison.

Gordon, a 28-year-old father of two, had pleaded guilty to one count of common assault following an incident on December 10 last year.

That day, he and an acquaintance went to another man's house and confronted the man on his patio over money they believed he owed to the acquaintance.

When the man denied owing any money, the situation escalated and Gordon punched the man in the head, hitting him under his left ear.

Gordon's lawyer Jun Pepito said Gordon was, in his own way, trying to act as a "Good Samaritan" by helping the acquaintance collect the debt.

He said Gordon had a difficult upbringing but had, for the most part, worked to better himself, including gaining training qualifications despite having left school early.

He asked his client be given the opportunity to undergo anger management counselling and be given a sentence which would allow him to serve the community.

Mr Kinsella said there was clear evidence Gordon was getting his life back on track, but noted he had already been given parole last year after asking someone for $20 and pulling open his jacket to reveal he had a hunting knife in 2015.

Mr Kinsella pointed out the punch in December occurred just four months after Gordon had completed parole for that previous offence, driving home the need for any sentence to act as a personal deterrent.

"There are stark similarities... there was an issue of money and you have resorted to violence yet again," he said.

Mr Kinsella sentenced Gordon to two weeks in prison, followed by 12 months probation.

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