Alisa and Lysandra Fraser celebrate their win.
Alisa and Lysandra Fraser celebrate their win. Martin Philbey/Channel 9

Twins Alisa and Lysandra win The Block Sky High

TWIN sisters Alisa and Lysandra Fraser have become first ever all-female team to win The Block.

The siblings from Adelaide were the first to auction off their luxury apartment at 124 Park Street in South Melbourne for $295,000.

Sydney-siders Madi and Jarrod came within $4000 but couldn't beat the twins who, with the $100,000 grand prize, are taking home $395,000.

"This is seriously life changing," Alisa said.

"Coming on to this show we were like let's prove to Australia two women can come into this competition, do really well and win this thing."

Alisa was so nervous before her level one apartment went under the hammer that she was breathing into a bag and had to rush off to the bathroom just as the auction began.

The five auctions totalled $1.383 million in prize money for the 10 contestants of the Sky High series.

But there were plenty of dramas in the lead-up to the auctions.

After debating for 25 minutes the teams were not able to come to a decision on the order of the auctions, so the order was drawn out of a hat.

The twins went first, followed by Trixie and Johnno, Madi and Jarrod, Bec and George and finally Matt and Kim.

Despite bringing in the auctioneer who has previously sold two Block-winning apartments from Sydney, Perth's Matt and Kim could not pip the twins but still took home a cool quarter of a million dollars.

Their worries proving true, Queenslanders Trixie and Johnno made the least amount of profit thanks to their $1.4m reserve. But the $205,000 profit they made should be enough for a deposit for a family house.

While the Sky High series feature more teams and the most luxurious  properties ever seen on the show, including an eight-star energy rating, it did not come close to the record-breaking profits seen in last year's series where winners Brad and Lara took home $506,000.

The show will return for another series on Channel 9/WIN next year.

The Block Sky High auction break down:

  • Level 1 - Alisa and Lysandra Fraser: $1.14m reserve, sold for $1.435m, $295,00 profit
  • Level 2 - Matt Di Costa and Kim Owen: $1.205m reserve, sold for $1.455m, $250,000 profit
  • Level 3 - Bec and George Douros: $1.265m reserve, sold for $1.507m, $242,000 profit
  • Level 4 - Madi and Jarrod Coppock: $1.31m reserve, sold for $1.601m, $291,000 profit
  • Level 5 - Trixie and Mark, 'Johnno' Johnson: $1.4m reserve, sold for $1.605m, $205,000 profit

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