A public apology has been made on social media, but is it too little too late?
A public apology has been made on social media, but is it too little too late? Luka Kauzlaric

Truck driver admits to online trolling

ONE TRUCK driver has come out and publicly apologised to Ulmarra residents after making a series of offensive comments on their community Facebook page last week.

"I would firstly like to apologise for ALL of my previous comments on both fb pages," the post stated.

"My attitude was out of line, rude and aggressive.

"Ulmarra is a beautiful little town!"

The apology appeared on social media a few days after the offensive comments were posted.

However, administrators had blocked his account, so the response almost went unnoticed until it was brought to the attention of its members this week.

Residents have welcomed the admission, but some have said they're not entirely convinced the apology is genuine.

"Considering the abusive nature and context of the vulgar, profanity-filled posts, the one-line apology and subsequent justification for the rants seemed completely inappropriate," one Ulmarra resident said.

After the two-sentence apology, the man goes on to detail the reasons why truck drivers are reacting in an inappropriate manner.

"We are sick of being treated like crap just because we drive a rig," he said.

"Your attempts to effect change in your community by drawing the spotlight on us in this manner, it cuts deep into the growing anti-Australian attitude of creating unnecessary trouble for otherwise innocent people."

However, it appears the keyboard warriors and 'rogue' drivers, as the man describes them in his post, have cast the spotlight on themselves by choosing to harass residents online and on the road.

From the beginning of the Let's Not Wait campaign, residents have made it clear that speeding and/or fatigued motorists of all classes of vehicle were the focus, not the behaviour of individual truck drivers.

But rather than receive support to make the road safer for all motorists, they have instead been subjected to continued harassment.

"We have been selfless in our support of accident victims but enough is enough," one resident said.

"We expect respect... for the speed limit, respect for the community and safety of the residents in our village from all motorists."

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