Trio awarded for stopping assault

A COURAGEOUS trio who saved a man’s life has been honoured for its heroic actions.

Robert Potts, Henry Kramer and Brian Hardy went to the assistance of a man being kicked and punched into unconsciousness in May 2009.

“We were on our way home, we saw a vehicle on the side of the road and someone assaulting another man,” Mr Potts said.

Mr Hardy said the three men decided something had to be done in a situation which seemed slightly surreal.

“I was dumbfounded and couldn’t believe what I was seeing,” Mr Hardy said.

“I didn’t think we were saving anyone’s life, he looked gone. But we did, and I’m glad we stepped in.”

The men were driving along about 2.30am when they happened across the assault.

Police arrested the perpetrator on the night and the victim survived.

Mr Kramer said thinking how they could assist was his immediate response.

“Right in the middle of it I thought, ‘what have I got myself into?’,” he said.

Mr Potts said it was the first time he’d jumped into such a situation, but wouldn’t hesitate if confronted with the same scenario.

“I’d do it again. Absolutely,” Mr Potts said, echoing the sentiments of his comrades.

On Thursday at the Queensland Police Service award ceremony, the men were very appreciative of the Commissioner’s certificates of appreciation presented to them.

“It means we’ve been acknowledged. It’s a great honour,” Mr Kramer said.

Assistant Commissioner Alan Davey praised the men’s fortitude and willingness to step in for a fellow citizen in an environment where such acts are not commonplace.

“Those guys put themselves in danger to go forward and help another member of the community,” Asst Comm Davey said.

“What they did, words can’t describe, and we’re grateful.”

The victim eventually met his saviours; the introduction emotional and heartfelt.

“He gave us the biggest hug ever,” Mr Hardy said.

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