MUMS out there were quick to share their stories - both positive and negative - of giving birth at Gladstone Hospital after reading our story about a young Gladstone couple's accidental home birth.

Many women commented on the story, saying they had similar experiences but Michelle Cameron, who has had three children at Gladstone Hospital, pointed out each labour was different, including her own first which lasted 18 hours after her waters broke.

"As a rule of thumb, they like you to stay at home and rest as much as possible before you have to exert a lot of energy to bring your baby into the world. At 2cm it makes sense for them to encourage you to go home and try to rest," she wrote.

"The tricky thing is that your labour could progress so quickly, like my third child, that you could find yourself delivering your baby somewhere other than the safety of the hospital."

A Gladstone couple had a terrifying time when their first child was born at home, after they were sent away by Gladstone Hospital in the early stages of labour.

Posted by The Observer on Monday, 3 August 2015

Kris Ansell: Happend to us aswell there not very professional there
We didn't have the baby but they send us home when her waters broke
Everybody I know boycotts gladstone hospital and goes to Rockhampton

To many stories to many issues with that place

Siobhan Ormsby: They done the same to me, my waters had broke at home in Boyne so my partner rushed us to the hospital and after confirming my waters had broke (our 1st child) they gave me two panadol and a sleeping tablet and sent me home, there was no way I would have taken a sleeping tablet they gave me. We eneded up back there 3 hrs later.
I think it's a disgrace to send any woman in labour home no matter what stage-labour can rapidly progress and being a 1st time mum I didn't know what was happening.
They need to change there procedure.



Michelle Cameron: I notice everyone is quick to blame the hospital. I have had 3 children at the Gladstone public hospital. The thing no one seems to be mentioning is how different everyone's labors can be. Honestly it is more comfortable to stay at home as long as you can. Each one of my labors have been very different. my first being 18 hours from when my waters broke and needing to have inducing drugs to encourage contractions and 3 hours of pushing before my baby was born. The hospital midwives where great. My second, I went to the hospital and was 5 cm. It was another 5 hours before bub was born with only 1/2 of pushing and my waters broke as he was born. My third, I stayed at home again as long as I could. I was 5 cm again when they admitted me at 7:56pm. At 8:08pm my baby was born in her waters.

Kellie Shepherd: Ive had all 4 of my kids at the gladstone hospital and i cant complain. Its great that baby Luca is ok

Breezy Halle: Gladstone hospital has a team of well trained, dedicated midwives. We are spoiled to have the services we have here and shouldn't complain lest we lose them. Well done to this beautiful couple and their baby. Unplanned birth at home can be scary but a planned home birth is a wonderful and safe environment to birth in.

Jacqui Hart: I don't think it's fair to blame Gladstone Hospital. Same thing nearly happened to me at another hospital. An hour after they were going to send me home I had my little one.

Levi-jay Szily: The missus isn't to disappointed about being sent home first time she was told go have a shower an relax she is more pissed she called an they told her just to get me to massage her back an stay home
I have to say all the midwife staff are all really nice people an i think they do a good job up there but i think it was just abit of a miscalculation an like someone said all births are different

Naomi Sprudzans: Had my baby in Gladstone and wow what an amazing experience. I could not have asked for better midwives

Tammy Ellem: I was rather lucky with all 3 of my kids.
Glad it was a good outcome but yeah they should of kept her in for a few hours to monitor her.

Cinta Rose: Did that to me as well...this hospital is disgraceful you might as well say it's only for cuts and bruises I have a heart condition as well and they did nothing just sent me home.

Congrats to Mum,Dad and Bub glad all is okay

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