THE first person to capture every Pokemon available in the United States has completed his global quest to "catch 'em all" after visiting Paris, Hong Kong and now Sydney.

Travel website Expedia sponsored Pokemon Go player Nick Johnson on his journey to snare every regionally-exclusive Pokemon, including Mr Mime in Paris, Farfetch'd in Hong Kong and Sydney's Kangaskhan - a kangaroo-type beast.

Mr Johnson lost 4kg in a fortnight from all the walking he had to do, and has caught all 145 different Pokemon available on the game so far.

Another six creatures are yet to be released.

Highlights from his trip included:

  • Catching Pokémon in Central Park in New York at the same time as Justin Bieber
  • Catching Pokémon underneath the Eiffel Tower (which is a big Pokemon hotspot)
  •  Playing the game in front of the Sydney Opera House
  • Going without sleep in Hong Kong in order to catch Farfetch'd

Mr Johnson's triumph followed the company behind Pokemon Go revealing it wanted to incorporate special contact lenses to help blend augmented reality with the physical world.

"I'm a science-fiction fan so I want the contact lenses that transform everything into whatever kind of themed world I want it to be," Niantic CEO John Hanke told the LA Times. 

"I think a lot of people see that archetype as something that we'd like to have and it's probably going to get created within our lifetime and I'm very much looking forward to it."

It would mean an end to hordes of players walking into oncoming traffic with their noses buried in their phones, at least. -ARM NEWSDESK

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