Train 2 shut down as QCLNG start-up continues

BLACK smoke is expected to come out of a flare at the QCLNG plant on Curtis Island as Train 2 continues through its start-up phase.

Train 2 was shut down today because of essential maintenance activities.

The shutdown is expected to last for about 48 hours.


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During the shutdown, the supply of natural gas to the plant will be stopped and flaring will be used to release gases from the plant's processing systems.

Flaring refers to the controlled burning of gas released from the plant when it can't be processed into LNG.

A spokeswoman for QCLNG partner QGC said the team would be working to minimise the amount of flaring by returning as much of the refrigerants as possible to on-site storage containers.

"However, because we will be using nitrogen gas to purge out the remaining traces of natural gas and refrigerant, we expect there will be some black smoke emitted with the flame during the early and late stages of the shutdown," she said.

Train 1 of the plant started commercial operations in May.

Train 2 recently started production and is continuing through the commissioning and start-up phase.

Infrequent flaring is expected to continue until both trains have moved to normal operations.

Air quality monitoring results for the Gladstone region are available at

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