Top places to get hooked

TANNUM Sands and the Boyne and Calliope rivers and Toolooa Bends are among Gladstone's top fishing spots.

The Observer conducted a 40-person street poll to find out where the best fishing is at.

YOUR FAVOURITE 9 FISHING SPOTS: 40 readers voted for the region's top fishing spots. These are the places they loved...

1 Boyne River: "The Boyne River mouth is good. "You can catch barra there," Samantha King says.

2 Calliope River: City resident Mal Johnson said Beecher Rocks on the Calliope River was a favourite. "You can catch estuary fish - mangrove jack, barra, cod, bream."

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3 Tannum Sands for the mud crabs, jewfish, blue salmon and queenfish.

4 Curtis Island/Yellow Patch

5 Lillie's Beach

6 Power Station: "Calliope River bridge near the power station," Josh Lawrenson says. "It's good there. I always get a feed. I've caught barra, bream and whiting."

7 Out on the reef

8 The Narrows: "Technically the narrows is the narrowest part of the channel between Curtis Island and the mainland but it is often referred to the 30km of mangrove channel; you'll find all the species there," fisherman Johnny Mitchell says.

9 Grahams Creek


The best thing about Gladstone is you get a crossover of northern and southern species, there's awesome weather and you can catch nearly every species here," Johnny Mitchell says.

The area is a "month-by-month fishery" but that the biggest dynamic was the wet season.

"In winter you can get cleaner water and in summer dirtier water," he said.

"The tides also effect visibility, with sometimes only four inches of visibility on the big tides and up to 2m on the small tides when there is little wind.

"If the fish can't see in the dirty water then you may need to attract them by other means, by using live bait with vibrations or dead bait that has a scent."

Head any direction from Gladstone and there are good fishing spots.

There's an assortment of fish in Gladstone harbour with thread fin salmon, grunter, mangrove jack, fingermark, bream, whiting, flathead and queenfish to name a few.

"You can find whiting around the islands on the eastern sides of the harbour where there are sandy beaches and back near the mainland you can find fish like grunter and black jewfish," Mr Mitchell said.

Estuary cod frequent everywhere from creeks and rivers out to the harbour and can weigh anywhere from 1-20kg.

"They try and hide around structures and when a boat sinks offshore if you go back six months later there's often 20 cod living there," Mr Mitchell said.

Catching mud crabs is also popular and Mr Mitchell says it's not difficult.

"You simply put some bait in a crab pot, throw it in the water near soft mud, come back 24 hours later and there are crabs in there," he said.

"You can head north, south, east and west, they're everywhere but are not to everyone's taste. You either love them or you hate them."

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