Top five deal breakers when selling a property

IS your 'for sale' sign gather dust? Here are some possible reasons from

1. Unrealistic price

"In my opinion, the number one reason properties do not sell is unrealistic vendor expectations," said Paul Bevan, Dream Financial Services' Senior Advisor.

Vendors who believe strong selling markets are opportunities to inflate your price beyond comparable sales are sorely mistaken, he said.


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"If the vendor thinks their property is worth way more than what the market dictates, then the property will sit on the market and remain unsold until the vendor is willing to 'meet the market' i.e. lower their asking price."

2. You put your price up

JHAI Mitchell from Elders Real Estate Toongabbie sees this happening occasionally in Melbourne's current hot market.

"This still happens in a hot market as sellers start to get high offers and then they put the price up thinking that that can get more," the Mornington Peninsula agent said.

"This kills the sale; people begin to think something is wrong with the property. They are right, there is something wrong with the house and that is the seller's expectations."

3. Poor presentation

Kylie Harding, Director of Styled to Sell, works on properties before they go on sale.

"An overgrown garden, flaking paint, filthy carpets, bathrooms and kitchens, empty or overcrowded rooms all contribute to the fact that potential buyers can't, or don't want to, see themselves living there," she said.

4. You're unmotivated

Do you know why you are selling? If not, you're probably uncommitted to the sale.

Brisbane real estate agent and author Peter Hutton said this was one of the key reasons a home didn't sell when the rest of the market is booming.

"If a seller has not got clear on their 'big why', which equates to being under-committed to the sale, or the price they want to make it worth their while to sell is above what the market is willing to pay, even in boom times their property won't sell," he said.

5. Poor photos

You only get one chance to make a big impression so don't scrimp on your photos.

"You want buyers to prioritise inspecting your property over others open at the same time, and overseas buyers also shop on the internet so great presentation equals great photos," Ms Harding said.

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