PURE GOLD: Yellowpatch delivers on beauty, serenity and isolation plus great beach fishing.
PURE GOLD: Yellowpatch delivers on beauty, serenity and isolation plus great beach fishing. Contributed

Top beach fishing spots near Rockhampton

1 Tanby Beach, Emu Park

GPS:  -23.238354, 150.826195

TANBY Beach is backed by a 100m high ridge for most of its length and public access is restricted to the lower southern end of Haven Road.

The beach is bounded by the ridge of rock in the north, with rocks also outcropping in the centre to divide the low tide beach in two. In the south, Tanby Point protrudes 500m to the north-east and is occupied by a private residence.

The beach receives waves averaging about 0.5m that break across a moderately steep high tide beach, while at low tide there is a 100m wide, shallow, continuous bar.

How to get there: Tanby Beach lies in a secluded spot near Emu Park. From Rockhampton, head through the Emu Park township, along the Yeppoon-Emu Park Road. Travel about 3km from Bell Park until you get to Haven Rd. Once in Haven Rd, turn left into Tanby Point Close.

Tips: Fishing from the rocks is your best option. It's only five to ten minutes away from the nearest shop and petrol station.

2 Fisherman's Beach, Emu Park

GPS: -23.247404, 150.826396

FISHERMAN'S Beach is popular for boat fishing, but there are plenty of rocks and rock platforms to fish at high tide.

South of Shoal Bay the coast trends more to the south and a series of headlands and rocky shore dominates the coast.

The first two beaches, Tanby and Fisherman's, are both 2km long, face east and are bounded by rocky headlands.

Fisherman's Beach runs due south of Tanby Point for 2km, curving around in lee of Emu Point to almost face north. The protection afforded by Emu Point has long been used to launch fishing boats, thereby giving the beach its name.

Today the southern end is backed by a large, grassy foreshore reserve and caravan park, with a long boat ramp protected by a grove in the southern corner.

Twenty-metre-high vegetated dunes back the northern half, with access in the north also from Tanby Point. The beach is somewhat protected by the point and receives low waves in the south, rising to less than 0.5m to the north. 

How to get there: Fisherman's Beach lies near the heart of the Emu Park township. Emu Park is 21km south of Yeppoon. Head towards the Bell Park car park.

Tips: Fisherman's Beach is by far the more accessible, popular and safer beach in the area. For surfers, both beaches offer generally low, spilling waves that are usually higher on Tanby Beach. Fisherman's is the traditional beach for Emu Park and has excellent access and backing facilities.

3 Yellowpatch at Curtis Island

GPS: -23.521722,151.212417

Why it is great: Right on the Tropic of Capricorn, Yellowpatch earns its name from the dramatic ochre coloured sand stretch on the north-eastern side of Curtis Island.

From the beach you need only to look into the water to choose your next meal. Whiting and bream are abundant in these waters.

Clear blue water and a sheltered bay provide an ideal spot to drop a line in, pitch a tent and enjoy the peace and quiet of nature.

Yellowpatch delivers on beauty, serenity and isolation and tops the list for local weekend getaways that encompass great beach fishing.

How to get there: The only access directly to Yellow Patch is via boat, but it's more than worth the trip. Pass by Cape Capricorn before taking note of the floats indicating the entrance into the channel. Red and green drums have been placed to mark the channel entrance and white drums mark the edges of the sand banks. However, do not rely on these to always be there.

Tips: Take care of the local wildlife. Marine park surrounds Curtis Island and is home to turtle rookeries. Yellow Patch is one huge yabby patch so your first duty is rounding up the kids to pump for the prime bait. 

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