What to rethink when employing the art of seduction

SOMEWHERE along the line in fantasy dating land, the wires got crossed, with men and women adopting some traits that repel rather than attract.

To clue in the opposite sex, Man About Town has come up with ten hints for the ladies, and reporter Kara Irving has rebutted with some 'no-nos' that men should avoid.

Top 10 hints for the local ladies

Man About Town - Nobody knows who he is, but The Observer has a new man on the ground in Gladstone, sniffing out stories of love, lust and everything in between.

MEN never understand and often under-appreciate the lengths a lady will go to to make herself more sexually appealing to men.

Not all women are guilty of these traits but some go to great lengths, spending hours holding up the bathroom and experiencing self-inflicted pain that would make some men cry. But sometimes, ladies, you get it wrong.

I can't speak for all men but most men would agree that these are 10 things you might want to rethink the next time you look in the mirror.

Man About Town
Man About Town

1.Spray tans.

Too often it goes wrong and you end up looking like an Oompa Loompa. If you have to get it done, get it done professionally and avoid neon orange.

2.Duck face. I really like it when you pull that face, said no man ever.

3.Leopardskin anything. Tarzan called; he wants his look back.

4.Too much make-up; less is more. You may feel your skin isn't perfect under that mask of make-up but no man wants to date a clown. Stop with the Bambi eyelashes!

5.Playing dumb. Smart is sexy. If you have it, don't be afraid to show it.

6.Inappropriate clothing.

If you're going to the beach, dress for the beach. Also, think about how comfortable your tower-heels will be at the end of the night.

7.Eating light. It's great you're on that diet and care about your figure, but order more than a salad at dinner and stop reminding us you're on a diet.

8.Masculine clothing.

If it looks like something a guy would wear, leave it for the men.

9.We are grateful for what you ladies do. You are beautiful so don't take it to heart when we suggest what you're wearing might not suit you.

10.Looks fade, fashion comes and goes but personality grows.

Who you are is what counts, not what you wear.

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Definite 'no-nos' include low-cut tops with chest hair

MEN are most attractive when they make an effort to please a woman.

And they know it.

But somewhere along the line in fantasy dating land, the wires crossed and men started to believe a few staple pick-up lines and some texts with smiley faces would do the trick.

I must admit, speaking as a woman, we are hard to please.

When men try hard, we expect them to try harder. It's an unfortunate and never-ending pedestal in the dating game.

So here are my "don'ts" and "definitely don'ts" men should consider when trying to impress a lady.

Gladstone Observer reporter Kara Irving.
Gladstone Observer reporter Kara Irving. Chris Chan


It's sexy that you can grow facial hair. But please make an effort to maintain it. It may look masculine but it also tells me you can't find the razor aisle in the supermarket.

Being over-masculine.

Women love that you are stronger than us because, well, you are. Carrying groceries from trolley to car is fine but when you're pumping 50kg weights at the gym surrounded by other buff, half-naked men? Not sexy.

Buying a complete stranger a drink at a nightclub.

Thanks for the cosmopolitan but I'm not having sex with you. Don't expect it. I read this as you're trying to get me drunk so then we can do bad things together. Unless we're also talking about something intelligent, I'm not interested.

Throwing your phone number at women.

Who are you? Brad Pitt? This tells me you don't even want to know my name, let alone go to the effort of asking for my phone number. Next.

Being a mummy's boy.

Mums are important in our lives. But there comes a time in a man's life where you have to buy your own underwear. If this is you, tell your girlfriend. Maybe she'll take the job off mum's hands.

Man cleavage.

Wearing low-cut tops with chest hair popping out the top. It's not sexy and never will be. Don't do it.

Showering a lady in gifts.

It's all about timing. After a fight, yes. Spontaneous gifts, why not? But there's a difference between getting a gold watch two weeks into a relationship or two years into a relationship.

Things you do while intoxicated.

They will never be as sexy as you thought they were while you were drunk. Get off the table, pull your pants up and go home.

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