A fast train could link Toowoomba to Brisbane in 45 minutes.
A fast train could link Toowoomba to Brisbane in 45 minutes.

Toowoomba "well and truly prepared" for population boom

TOOWOOMBA is "well and truly prepared" for the massive rise in population expected over the next 25 years, the region's mayor has said.

New analysis from the Future SEQ series has revealed certain parts of Toowoomba, such as the western suburbs, Darling Heights and Highfields are expected to double in size in the next 25 years.

"The council does a lot of planning, we look to the future and look to population growth," Mayor Paul Antonio said.

"Those kind of figures don't scare me too much. We're well and truly prepared.

"You might have noticed in recent times we have created the West Toowoomba Plan, the Highfields Plan, we are looking at these things constantly and planning for the future."

Cr Antonio said the council was having discussions with the Federal and State Governments about the growth.

"Very often any development of this nature will put a strain on local infrastructure, that's why we need all three levels of government involved in this," he said.

"We're making sure that is understood."

The growth analysis comes as the Southeast Queensland Council of Mayors negotiates a city deal with the State and Federal Government, which would lock in a set amount of funding for the greater region going into the future.

Cr Antonio said that would include recent discussions surrounding a high speed rail link between Brisbane and Toowoomba.

"We need to live in a 45 minutes (to Brisbane) region," he said.

"Logically a lot of people could live here, with our better environment and lifestyle with beautiful gardens, then head to Brisbane for work. The train would take them the same time to drive if they lived in (suburban) Brisbane."