Too little too late for Raiders

GLADSTONE Raiders were their own worst enemy as they crashed out of the 47th Battalion Carnival in Bundaberg  with one win from three games.

The Harbour City side showed their quality in a 46-22 demolition of Burnett yesterday, but a 28-6 loss to Toowoomba and 22-12 defeat to the Sunshine Coast on Saturday saw the Raiders out of the running.

Coach Aaron Farrar and GDRL President Glenn Butcher said the result fell short of expectations in an error stricken weekend.

“The result was very disappointing, I honestly thought we’d go a bit better than we did,” Farrar said.

“You couldn’t fault the effort but we just made some poor decisions and it’s pretty unforgiving football in that carnival.”

A lack of cohesion between players unfamiliar with one another proved costly in the early going, as incomplete sets, missed touch kicks and errors in bad field position plagued the Raiders against both Toowoomba and the Sunshine Coast.

Against Burnett the Raiders employed a traditional yardage game with kick selection playing a major role in the victory, but it was too little too late as Gladstone bowed out of the 2011 competition.

Wallabys centre Ryan Wilson was the stand-out player of the carnival, in which fellow outside backs Assan Munro and Jackson McKewin of Brothers also stood out.

“It was disappointing from a results perspective but for the growth of our rep side and the league – the young fellas have got exposure to the next level – I think it can only be good for the clubs and Gladstone Rugby League in general,” Farrar said.

Bundaberg won the carnival for the second straight year with a 58-8 massacre of Rockhampton in the final.


2011 47th Battalion Scores


Gladstone 6

  • Tries: Ricky Noy 
  • Goals: Ryan Wilson

Toowoomba 28

  • Tries:  Matthew Schutz, Mitchell Krog 2, Tim Hannant 
  • Goals: Kerron Selmes 4

Central Highlands 18

  • Tries: Tom Hewitt, Ethan McLaughlin, Andrew Pavey, Mitchell Power
  • Goals: Mitchell Power

Bundaberg 38

  • Tries: Clinton Horne, Lyal Darby, Matthew Templeman, Shaun Collins, Cameron Ricciardi, Joshua Tanner, Jake Thompson
  • Goals: Clinton Horne, Tyrone Hopgood 4

Bundaberg (Women) 14

  • Tries: Klarissa Onoprienko, Natalie Gala, Malia Kaufusi
  • Goals: Amber Saltner

Central Highlands (Women) 14

  • Tries: Denise Lablack, Kaitlin Moss 2
  • Goals: Tegan Sullivan

Sunshine Coast (Women) 30

  • Tries: Racheal Wright, Kate Hardenbol 2, Krysti Walk, Hayley Maddick, Kady Tinker, Amy Horsburgh
  • Goals: Krysti Walk

Bribie Island (Women) 8

  • Tries: Jazmyn Taumafai 2
  • Goals: -

 Rockhampton 40

  • Tries: Sam Granville 3, Zac Drochmann, Tom Simpson, Sam Pearce, Travis Marshall
  • Goals: Travis Marshall 5, Tim Harrow

Border 12

  • Tries: Michael Marshall, Brett Hearne
  • Goals: Jason Willmot 2

Sunshine Coast 14

  • Tries: Ben Ashford2, Pio Tabua
  • Goals: JustinOtty

Burnett 12

  • Tries: Dennis Sandow. Darren Bowden
  • Goals: Dennis Sandow 2

Bundaberg 36

  • Tries: Clinton Horne, Lyal Darby, Shaun Collins, Tyrone Hopgood, Joshua Tanner 2, Jake Thompson
  • Goals:Tyrone Hopgood 4

Rockhampton 10

  • Tries: Mitch Ireland, Anthony Toby
  •  Goals: Travis Marshall

Toowoomba 24

  • Tries: Matthew Shuktze, Bryce Denman, Josh Schwerin, Georgio Phillips
  • Goals: Kerrod Selmes, Josh Duncan 3

Burnett 16

  • Tries: Darren Bowden 2, Nigel Williams 2
  • Goals:

Bundaberg (Women) 30

  • Tries: Klarissa Onoprienko, Nicole Curtis, Kyesha Bligh 2, Natalie Gala, Rhiannon Parsons
  • Goals: Myisha Saltner, Amber Saltner 2

Sunshine Coast (Women) 10

  • Tries: Kate Hardenbol, Amy Horsburgh
  • Goals: Sarah Robins

Border 10

  • Tries: Matt West, Jason, Cobon
  • Goals: Jason Wilmot

Central Highlands 30

  • Tries: Sterling Broadhurst, Andrew Davey, Mitchell Power, Brett Jorgensen 2
  • Goals: Ethan McLaughlin 5

Gladstone 12

  • Tries: John Andrews, Assan Munro, Jaiden Taylor
  • Goals: -

Sunshine Coast 22

  • Tries: Ben Ashford 2, Scott Millar, Pio Tabua
  • Goals: Justin Otto 3

Bribie Island (Women) 0

  • Tries: -
  • Goals: -

Central Highlands (Women) 62

  • Tries: Casey Wason, Hanna Watkins 2, Denise Lablack, Tegan Sullivan 3, Naomi Bobongie, Kaitlin Moss 2, Natasha Baggow 2
  • Goals: Casey Wason 2, Tegan Sullivan 5



Bundaberg (Women) 16

  • Tries: Aleisha McDowell, Kyesha Bligh, Amber Saltner
  • Goals: Myisha Saltner, Amber Saltner 

Bribie Island (Women) 4  

  • Tries: Michaela Peck
  • Goals:-

Bundaberg 62

  • Tries: Clinton Horne 2, Matthew Templeman 3, Shaun Collins 2, Nathan Sullivan, Tyrone Hopgood 3
  • Goals: Clinton Horne, Joshua Anderson 4, Aaron Watson, Tyrone Hopgood, Joshua Tanner 2 Border 0

Rockhampton 28

  • Tries: Daniel Pickering 2, Sam Granville, Paul Oram. Tom Simpson, Sam Pearce
  • Goals: Tim Harlow 2

Central Highlands 12  

  • Tries: Ethan McLaughlin, Sterling Broadhurst
  • Goals: Ethan McLaughlin 2

Toowoomba 12

  • Tries: Sam Hannant, Josh Duncan
  • Goals: Josh Duncan 2

Sunshine Coast 16 

  • Tries: Chris McGill 2, Mitch Ward
  • Goals: Justin Otto 2

Burnett 22

  • Tries: Dennis Sandow, Joel Smallwood, Nigel Williams 2
  • Goals: ?

Gladstone 46

  • Tries: Assan Munro, Karl Johnson 2, Joey Haywood, Ken Kalaher, Sam Herbert, John Andrews, Chris Stolk
  • Goals: Jaiden Taylor 6

Sunshine Coast (Women) 4

  • Tries: Courtney Lockwood
  • Goals: -

Central Highlands (Women) 20 

  • Tries: Tegan Sullivan 2, Naomi Babongie, Kaitlyn Moss
  • Goals: Tegan Sullivan


Semi Final 1

Bundaberg 50

  • Tries: Lyal Darby, Matthew Templeman 3, Shaun Collins 3, Tyrone Hopgood, Jake Thompson
  • Goals: Anthony Evans, Tyrone Hopgood 4, Joshua Tanner 2

Toowoomba 12

  • Tries: James Galligan 3
  • Goals: -

Semi Final 2

Rockhampton 18

  • Tries: Sam Granville, Paul Oram, Gavin Hiscox, Tom Simpson
  • Goals: Anthony Toby


Grand Final

Bundaberg 58

  • Tries: Lyal Darby, Matthew Templeman 2, Shaun Collins 3, Nathan Sullivan, Matthew Curtis, Ricky Boehme Zac Suter
  • Goals: Tyrone Hopgood 6, Josh Tanner 3

Rockhampton 8

  • Tries: Daniel Pickering, Gavin Hiscox
  • Goals: -

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