Too early to tell if cyclone will bring rain to Gladstone

THE Bureau of Meteorology said it was too early to tell whether a cyclone tipped to bring rain to Rockhampton would bring rain and storms to Gladstone.

Weatherzone meteorologist Kim Westcott told APN on Monday a monsoon trough developing in the Coral Sea could form into Queensland's first cyclone of the season, and rain could go down as far as Rockhampton.

"These systems do have a very wide range of impacts ... quite often south of the system will feel the effects too,'' she said.

"Even though it may be further north now, we will probably see showers right down as far as Rockhampton.''

However, the bureau said it was too early to tell whether any rain would make its way to Gladstone.

"It's still very early to tell how this system is going to develop, as you can imagine," BOM forecaster Chris Joseph said.

"We could see some rain areas along the coast, but how far south that's going to extend is still uncertain."

He said whether Gladstone saw any rain from the system would largely depend on where it made landfall on the Queensland coast.

"If it makes landfall to the south of Cairns to Bowen then there is a chance that rainfall could make its way to Gladstone," Mr Joseph said.

At this stage the forecast for the next three days is for intensifying rain systems, with rain predicted on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Current models are indicating the target area for the possible cyclone and its severe impacts would be between Cooktown and Bowen.

Rob Sharpe of Weatherzone said residents in these areas were advised to revise their tropical cyclone survival plan and kit, and to keep a close eye or ear on weather updates during the next 24 to 48 hours.

Conditions are ripe for tropical cyclone development in the Coral Sea because a tropical low is quickly deepening over warm waters south of the Solomon Islands.

The system is likely to cross the coast on Thursday or Friday.

Mr Sharpe said the system would only spend a couple of days in the Coral Sea as a tropical cyclone and would not reach the broad scale of Yasi.

However, the system still had the potential to pack a punch as a more compact system with very high wind speeds.

If the tropical low develops into a cyclone it will be named Tropical Cyclone Dylan, and it will be the first in the Coral Sea this wet season.

The Coral Sea typically has five cyclones each year, but only or two of them make landfall.

The low pressure system was 900km east of Cooktown on Monday afternoon.
The low pressure system was 900km east of Cooktown on Monday afternoon.

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