THERE'S one word which resonated more than any other in Gladstone's Scenery Street this week.

That word is "Remember".

The occasion is the reunion of four siblings who got together this week for the first time in 55 years.

Cecil, Reg, Frank and Joan Ringuet (Ibell) were born on Gladstone but, as families tend to do, over the years the brothers and sisters have followed their lives to other parts.

They came together this week to celebrate Reg's 90th birthday - and it has been a momentous occasion with the conversation all revolving around that "r" word.

Cecil's the oldest, at 92, and he's the only one who has lived in Gladstone virtually all of his life.

He leased the original town baths at the bottom of Goondoon St, next to the sailing club, when it was a saltwater pool with fresh water pumped in to the pool every day.

Cecil became a greyhound trainer in 1939 and had many successes with his dogs over the years. He finally gave up training at the end of last year.

Reg is next. He left Gladstone when he was 22 - 70 years ago - and settled in Brisbane. His working life was that of a carpenter, and it's where home still is.

Frank is 88 and he left Gladstone as a sprightly 19-year-old, spending his working life in the hospitality industry.

He has travelled from his home in Perth to be with his brothers and sister.

Joan stayed in Gladstone until 2010. She married Jim Ibell but moved to Canberra in 2010 following her husband's death.

Jim and Ted Wise owned the Commercial Hotel for many years.

For more than 20 years Joan was involved with Legacy - the organisation which looked after war veterans.

She received a Premier's Award for the great worked she did with Legacy.

She has written a summary of her life, which was published in the book Recollections and Reflections which contains many anecdotes of early Gladstone.

Sport was a major feature in the life of the boys as teenagers. All three represented Gladstone in the state swimming finals for a number of years.

Cecil's home has sideboard laden with swimming and dog racing trophies - all mementoes of successes over many years.

The four have a multitude of memories about life in Gladstone when they all lived as children in the family home at 11 Glenlyon St.

"We went looking for the old house the other day, but it's been replaced with flats," Frank said.

"We had great fun when we were kids - we did all sorts of things, and spent a lot of time in the mudflats which covered the area around the bottom of Glenlyon Rd.

"If we got up to the same antics today we'd probably be locked up."

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