A STUDIO full of cameras but apparently not one of them captured the 'fire' which sent the Today Show into a morning meltdown.

Karl Stefanovic took on the role of spur-of-the-moment comic as Nine's flagship show was hit by problems when the audio desk caught fire.

"The program is working through some technical difficulties,'' Stefanovic explained as he suggested the camera pan to co-host Lisa Wilkinson who was  having a new microphone wired down her top.

"We can't show Lisa,'' he said as the camera panned back.

"What happened is our studio just packed it in,'' he said.

"It's the audio desk that blew up apparently.''

A sheepish looking entertainment editor Richard Wilkins added to the skit, declaring: "I just wanted to borrow one little cable''.

"Just keep hitting stuff. Eventually it will start to work,'' Stefanovic suggested as the technical cure.

"I like being able to keep people on the edge like this.''

A Nine spokesperson said the technical difficulties occurred when the audio desk in Studio 2 broke down at 6.40am.

"The production team moved quickly and managed to move the show into the news studios in record time.

"Not surprisingly, the on air team have had tremendous fun with this morning's hiccups with Georgie (Gardner) giving the glass walls a quick windex wipe and Karl joking with our viewers that it was not so much a technical breakdown as it was a power outage due to all of Dickie's hair appliances.''

It should prove a ratings winner - on YouTube at least.

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