Flynn candidates have their final say on polling day

CANDIDATES for Flynn outline their main message in one final say as voters head to the polls.

Ken O'Dowd, sitting LNP member 

TODAY our nation faces a clear choice. A choice between three more years of division and dysfunction or a strong and united Coalition team that stands ready to get our region back on track.

I have a strong plan for this region; to cut the cost of living by scrapping the Carbon Tax, to give small businesses a break by getting rid of excessive red-tape, to create more jobs through encouraging sustainable investment and development and to secure a fair share for our region after six years of neglect.

My pledge to the people of Flynn is to deliver more jobs, a stronger Australia and a better future.

I have fought hard to hold this government to account, and now more than ever it's clear that only an LNP government has a plan to get this region back on track. Central Queensland is a wonderful place and together, with a Coalition Government, we can make it even better.

Chris Trevor, ALP:

If Ken O'Dowd wins Flynn, you (may) lose these projects which were recommended by Mayors and Councillors for approval by us throughout the Flynn Electorate.

Flynn voters have a clear choice on Election Day.

Vote for Ken O'Dowd who has not lodged in three years one written submission seeking approval for funding for the Flynn Electorate with either the Federal Treasurer of Australia or the Minister for Infrastructure; or Chris Trevor, a hardworking local who has worked tirelessly in the past to secure projects for Flynn and then delivered them.

The Flynn community needs someone who will stand up and fight for them and not take them or their vote for granted. (Today) I ask that you vote for Chris Trevor the candidate with a proven track record of delivery in Flynn.

Richard Love, Katter's Australia Party: 

DEAR Flynn resident, no doubt you have heard all the LNP lies about a vote for Katter is a vote for Labor.

Well, this is NOT true. Please have a look at my "how to vote" card and you will see that Labor is number seven in my preferences.

I hope this clears up all the lies and confusion the LNP are trying to spread.

However, we all know Abbott is going to win and we are going to have an Abbott/Hockey Australia.

The ALP has failed in government and now lack credibility but Australia needs some balance to create some fairness.

The KAP can provide that balance. We are not there to just "keep the bastards honest" though.

We are there because someone needs to look after the little guy.

Someone needs to look after the small business operator, the primary producer and the worker. If you want a voice for the little guy consider us (today).

Steve Ensby, Palmer United Party

THE Palmer United Party will deliver 15% reduction in personal income tax giving the average wage earner an extra $2500 in the pocket annually.

We'll give a 50% tax break on a second job and automatically give gold cards to Diggers' spouses

$640 million will go to Veterans' Affairs.

And we'll give businesses the option when paying their taxation to pay annually, or if they so choose, to pay quarterly on forward estimates.

For rural and regional Australians we will deliver a zonal taxation system to encourage more people and businesses to live and develop in regional parts of Australia.

The people of Queensland have experienced Campbell Newsman's staggering price hikes, mass sackings, cuts to essential services; and the election is an opportunity for people to restore balance to their government and have real power.

Craig Tomsett, Independent:

I BELIEVE that due to amalgamation of councils and the centralisation of community services that rural and regional

communities are being forgotten.

The lack of forward planning of infrastructure and the neglect of existing resources is frustrating for all communities.

I will hold all parties to their promises over the next three years, which will be interesting considering the $22 billion revenue shortfall coming before Christmas.

Both major parties are aware of this yet fail to inform the public and keep making promises they won't keep.

Please consider the future direction of our nation; history will remember the choices we make now in relation to asylum seekers, marriage equality, education and the care we give disadvantaged members of our society.

We need Gonski reforms, we need NDIS and we need a more humane way to deal with asylum seekers.

We do not need more empty promises, excuses and politicians who put their parties ahead of their electorate.

Duncan Scott, Independent:

TO ME it is how we conduct ourselves. Getting the notion through that when we put our minds and backs into problems, families of Flynn can solve our own issues, not wait for funding crumbs to fall off the Canberra table.

Improving the discipline of our kids, especially the self-discipline.

Respecting and supporting our senior citizens. Getting the right resources to emergency services, defence force, teachers and volunteers.

Getting rid of laws that lack common-sense. Let's hope life gets easier and simpler.

Serena Thompson (Greens) and Renae Moldre (Family First) did not respond for this story. Contact details for Kingsley Dickins (Rise Up Australia) were unavailable.

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