How to stay committed and get past obstacles

WHAT does it mean to be committed? Commitment is a state of being in which you bring yourself into alignment to achieve a particular outcome.

Commitment is when you know there are obstacles and trials on the journey to achieve your goal or dream, and you don't let those obstacles stop you.

Stop and reflect for a moment - what are those things that you are committed to?

Is it your job, or your career path? What about your partner and your relationship? What about a commitment to yourself?

When you start to add it up, it is possible to be committed to a lot of things.

One of the challenges about being committed to many things, is what happens when the things you are committed to come into conflict with others.

It is easy to abandon the strongest of commitments when the heat is on.

What then if we were to prioritise our commitments, and use that as a guide to understanding what is most important to us?

Let's take the example of marriage.

When things don't go our way in our marriage, when our needs and expectations are not being fulfilled, when our partner no longer seems to understand us, or we wake up next to a stranger, then is it okay to break that commitment?

One of the mistakes people often make with commitment is having a rigid and inflexible approach to the journey of that commitment, to bulldoze through, come what may.

Being committed instead is a process of learning and growing, of making countless adjustments in order to achieve the goal.

Learning then is a humbling process. It is about admitting that we don't have all the answers, without abandoning that which is so precious that we strive for.

When our commitment gives way to indecision, it can be like straddling a fence, where the grass looks greener on the other side.

Some people swing one leg over the fence, and are half in and half out, and they find themselves sinking.

There are some people who seem to enjoy that level of pain.

They moan and complain and get plenty of attention. They blame others, or the world, for their situation, without admitting their own role in putting themselves in that position.

Ultimately, the question of commitment is: are you in or are you out?

If you are in, be in. If you are out, be out.

Whatever you choose requires clear and clean commitment to do whatever it takes.

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