It's time to try and shed some of those kilos

I'M going to get fit, again.

I think if I look back through my diary from this time last year I reckon I would have said the same thing.

Yep, perhaps there are many people in Gladstone who are thinking the same as me.

The weather is warmer, the days are longer, and the clothes are becoming less so now is the time to shed some kilos to enjoy it.

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Sure, I'm no totally overweight bloke who needs to go on Australia's Biggest Loser or Family Feud.

I'm just a normal guy who needs to get rid of a few numbers to make himself look okay when I get the chance to take the kids to the pool over the Christmas time.

A few months ago my daughter gave my belly a prod and said in no uncertain terms that maybe I should lose a bit of weight.

Whilst this is okay, as I love it when they speak their mind, I'd really appreciate it if they wouldn't do it in a packed line up at the local café at lunchtime.

My kids are like any other and me at their age, they can eat whatever they want and they never put on weight.

It always seems to go to their big toe. When I was growing up we could eat ten times a day and still burn it off because we were always active.

Unfortunately things have changed and I'm so often stuck behind a desk typing as I'm doing now, and this is where the problem is.

On the weekend I went back to the gym for the first time in what seems like over a year and I haven't lost my natural touch.

I still can't lift those enormous weights, I still have the knack of looking weird while I try and run my heart out on the treadmill, and I still leave the premises feeling proud before I launch myself into the car, and then the huffing and puffing starts where so-one can see me.

It's probably the same for so many others around town but hey, at least I'm giving it a crack.

Better than sitting inside and certainly better than doing nothing.

For me right now I'm leaving work and heading to the shops.

I need the standard milk, eggs, bread and chocolate. Whoops did I say chocolate? I mean apples.

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