Prime Minister Scott Morrison speaks at a national Christian convention on the Gold Coast last week.
Prime Minister Scott Morrison speaks at a national Christian convention on the Gold Coast last week.

Time to tone down the tongue-speaking and start leading


The aliens must be up there cheering on this piece of space junk from China which is reportedly set to smash into the southern hemisphere in the near future.

Anyone watching planet Earth tear itself apart over the past 18 months must wonder what is worth salvaging down here.

We've come full circle with our hard line refugee policy, now making Australian citizens asylum seekers in their own country.

I wonder whether any that try to run the gauntlet from India will end up thrown in Christmas Island as well?

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I never thought I'd write this, but I tend to agree with Andrew Bolt on this one.

This ban on Indian Australians getting home reeks of racism.

Mind you, we're not exactly bending over backwards to help our own anywhere else, but at least we haven't threatened imprisonment.

What a joke.

This insular, us against them, no foreigners welcome approach is playing to the redneck right the Coalition seems to so desperately crave the approval of.

But this time it's actual Australian citizens it wishes to alienate.

How the hell did we end up here?

I would've thought it was high time the federal government had a crack at actually doing its job and delivering a functioning quarantine system and getting even somewhere close to reaching its promised vaccination targets.

But no, the easier option is to just leave our own to fend for themselves in a country with a health system on the brink of breaking, if it hasn't already, I guess.

I've not met anyone who wants open slather and the virus to run free here and I'm not even close to advocating for that.

But surely there is a better way to manage this than turning our own citizens into outlaws?

I remember watching mercy flights made to pull injured Aussies out of Bali after the bombings and our nationals were bailed out of Lebanon in 2006 as civil unrest unfolded.

Again, I almost can't believe I'm doing this, but I'll quote Andrew Bolt:

"It should mean something to be Australian. It should mean that when disaster strikes, wherever you are in the world, Australia will try to save you."

I tend to agree.

Again, the argument is not for unchecked entries and the virus to run free, but for a better system of vaccination and quarantine which would allow us to offer a return home to our own.

But when we have a leader so public in his beliefs which essentially disregard science for a book about talking snakes, among other fantasies, what hope do we have?

I remember when religion was a private belief that people rarely offered up but practised in their own homes.

Leaders were loathe to be too overtly religious, for fear of deterring the sensible centre.

Those days appear long gone, with a PM spouting garbage like him doing God's work and something about an eagle, at a recent Christian convention.

I'm not sure how I'd feel about following a bloke who called on me to bail out on holiday while my country and its people were burning, but hey, I don't read a Bible.

For a leader who claims to be a man of God, why do we see so little compassion from this government?

This country does not need more God. In fact, quite the opposite.

We need less of the miracle BS and tongue speaking and need more leadership, more decisive action, more decency, more humanity - none of which requires a book to teach it.

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