Storms can have big impact in Gladstone: SES

THE cyclone and storm season is upon us, and it's time to replenish the emergency kit and clear the gutters.

The season began in September and generally runs through to April.

Suncorp Insurance has issued a list of areas in Queensland that are of high risk for a storm and medium risk for cyclone damage.

About 35 suburbs are at high risk for a storm and 40 at medium risk for a cyclone in the Gladstone area.

Boyne Island, Kin Kora, South Gladstone, Mount Larcom, Calliope and more suburbs top the lists for both types of weather events.

Calliope SES group leader Brian Pitt said residents should be aware that even though Gladstone doesn't attract the most dangerous weather as experienced in north Queensland, the impact is a real possibility.

"All areas are vulnerable. Right now we should start preparing," he said.

"People should generally check the soundness of buildings. It's a good time to check out guttering of houses.

"The most common problems is water coming in through the roofs. If it's blocked by leaves and debris the water goes inside instead of out."

Checking on your neighbours during stormy weather is also something residents should try to do, Mr Pitt said.

"Newcomers often suffer, they may be unaware of how harmful how storms can be.

"The neighbours might not be local or they may be elderly. Our whole summer period is the most significant period.

"In our Gladstone area, stats proved mostly cyclones come between Christmas to March time."


Brian Pitt's top tips for preparing for a cyclone:

  • Check the guttering of your house. Clear the leaves as they will clog drains.
  • Restock your emergency kit and make sure the batteries in the torch are fresh.
  • If you live in a caravan, make sure it is adequately secured.
  • Be aware of your pets. They are generally scared of thunder and lightning so bring them inside if you can. They can jump fences and run away with the sound of thunder.
  • Keep your wheelie bin secure. They can cause significant damage if not tied down.
  • Make sure you make an emergency phone contact list. The best way to get in contact with SES is to call the national number on 132500 if you require flood or storm damage help.


Gladstone suburbs high risk for storm, according to Suncorp Insurance:

Barney Point, Beecher, Benaraby, Boyne Island, Burua, Calliope, Clinton, Gladstone, Heron Island, Iveragh, Kin Kora, Kirkwood, Many Peaks, Nagoorin, New Auckland, South End, South Gladstone, South Trees, Sun Valley, Tannum Sands, Telina, Toolooa, Ubobo, West Gladstone, West Stowe, Wurdong Heights, Targine, Yarwun, Machine Creek, Mount Larcom, Raglan, Aldoga.

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